Comment on Self-Publishing a Paperback with Amazon KDP by Maria Langer

Thanks, Shirley. I’m really enjoying the self publishing revolution. I believe it’s ideal for niche publications like this one which would certainly be pretty difficult to sell to traditional print publisher.

I started self publishing back in 2011 and had planned on doing up to 12 publications a year yet my mind hasn’t been in it until recently. I’m hoping I can easily do more publications this winter.

Comment on Self-Publishing a Paperback with Amazon KDP by Shirley

Wow! I love reading about this whole process, however I love hearing about your drone book even more. It’s wonderful that you’ve put your skills and knowledge to good use here.

You’re always evolving, adapting, and adjusting to the latest, while additionally creating your own path (or continued journey), and it’s inspiring. Love it!!

I additionally chance your ebook, printed book all do well. Appears like a good niche.

Comment on Aerial Photography: Helicopter vs. Drone by Bob F.

Well balanced review of the pros and cons of helicopter versus drone.
I was on the Amazon site just now and found your book yet it is only on kindle at present. Will certainly it appear as a paper product soon (my preference)?

I don’t know if you follow F1 racing yet those cars can go at 200 mph plus, yet there is always a helicopter above them, it seems. How do they get those shots?

If you are following the news from Zimbabwe, you might have actually seen the BBC drone footage of an anti-Mugabe rally in Harare. The drone flew about ten feet above a crowd of over 20,000 walking down a boulevard lined along with large overhanging trees. The drone was cruising down this thin layer between trees and people for about two hundred yards. Illegal in US and UK of course, yet darned impressive filming, I ought to admit.

Comment on Aerial Photography: Helicopter vs. Drone by Mike

Maria, I’ve had the pleasure of flying for TV station that had a fairly impressive gyro-cam along with incredible resolution for the time. I’ve wanted to install a camera in the helicopter that I am now flying. I recently bought a smartphone and lo-and-behold, an attachable 360 degree camera for my phone merely reasonable it’s price to $150.00 I’m thinking that this could be the future in videography. If anyone wishes to check out the technology, here’s the youtube link. You can easily actually pan about the video. Happy flying!