Comment on So You Want to Be a Helicopter Pilot, Part 7: Stay Slim by Lorenzo B


I’m 5’9 weigh 140lbs and started flying airplanes at 21 and helicopters at 22. I haven’t solo’d in either yet yet according to CFIs I’m a good pilot. Currently endorsed to take the written. I’m now 27 years old along with 16 hours in airplanes and 14 hours in helicopters which includes two hours in an S58T. Slighty concerned along with how long everything is taking without loans and will certainly be finished along with an associates degree in 2018.

Comment on What It’s Like to Tow a 15,000-lb Fifth Wheel Trailer 1,500 miles by Keith

Oh, I so wish more people could experience what you did, pulling that camper the first time. Maybe then, [some] people wouldn’t drive like jackasses around me, weighing 149,000lbs.

I lost count, years ago, how lots of people have actually put their life in great danger, executing stupid maneuvers around me, for whatever their reason. Nearly a daily occurance, these days.

Takes a loooong time (relative to a car or pickup) to accelerate and slow down that much weight. In reality, you’ll never the notice the extra minute or two, unless you are late for work or an appt, and stressed.

Your experience along with that 15k camper isn’t much different than semi driving- a 3/4-1t pickup barely has actually sufficient braking power on flat ground, along with a heavy load in tow- the small brakes get hot fast. Looking for each possible conflict becomes normal.

I’ve pulled heavy(!) loads along with my 3/4t pickup, and I believed it was sketchier than running a semi. Exhaust brakes help. Nothing worse than smoking the brakes down a pass. Definitely pays to make sure all the brakes are in good condition, adjusted, and the trailer brake controller is set up properly.

Comment on Fraudulent Credit Card Charges at Tim Hortons in Canada by CaptainRon

Oliver, BC. $139.03 of charges on Sept 15, 16 & 18. All transactions occurred at the same Tim’s in Kingston, ON. Password was changed on my account and 6 reviews of transaction history were logged in the account. Tim’s refused to do anything others compared to freeze the account, saying any further investigation or reimbursement would certainly have actually to be done by the linked Bank credit card – VISA – that said it was Tim Horton’s responsibility. The card has actually never left my wallet except to pay at the drive-thru. No much more Tims for me!

Comment on On Chickens and Eggs by Maria Langer

No mud is probably because we haven’t had more compared to an inch of rain in four months.

Fortunately, foxes are not an issue here. Nor raccoons, which apparently invade coops across the river from me. Birds of prey are a bigger problem. And that one dog, that I suspect was attracted by the crowing of my rooster because it passed by an additional residence along with free-range chickens to break in to my chicken yard and kill mine. Dogs are awful because they’ll kill the birds and leave them all behind, mutilated. I cleaned up more compared to 20 carcases last year. Horrible work.

Comment on On Chickens and Eggs by Bob F.

Chickens are excellent fun and truly fresh eggs taste so much much better than shop-bought.
Your major problem appears to be rogue dogs. If a domestic dog here attacks a flock, the dog’s owner has actually to pay for the owner’s loss. However a far more frequent problem is a nocturnal fox attack. There is no compensation.
They will certainly happily kill 20 hens just to eat one. Three of my neighbours keep hens and one has actually a highly sophisticated automated feeding and security system, yet a clever fox learned the algorithm for the evening lock-down and infiltrated the coop just before darkness. The fox killed all the chickens and either dug his way out or waited til morning to escape.
Voles and mice are a minor irritant However the old adage around here is that “if you feed birds you will certainly attract rats”.
That still appears to be true whether the birds are wild or domestic poultry.
But, despite these ‘challenges’, there is something about keeping hens which rewards in several ways, over and above ‘free eggs’.
Your coop looks really good and much much less muddy than similar structures in the UK.